Our shipping is done by a different organization that works with various logistics companies. We are always trying to reduce the cost for the customer as much as possible and make your experience on our website, as pocket friendly as it possibly can be.

We have a flat shipping or delivery fee of Nineteen (19) Indian rupees for people who are ordering at an address that is in Rajasthan (the state where we operate). And we have a flat shipping or delivery fee of Twenty Nine (29) Indian rupees for the people who are ordering from a location different than Rajasthan.

For returns, we deduct a flat amount of Forty Nine (49) + Nineteen (19, for Rajasthan)/Twenty Nine (29, for other locations) Indian rupees, from the amount to be refunded to process the return pickup and processing.

The Nineteen (19) Indian rupees have to be deducted for the shipping cost of the product for the time it was ordered, and the Forty Nine (49) Indian rupees will be deducted to process the return pickup.

For orders that had free shipping benefit due to a coupon or minimum order amount or any other method, only Forty Nine (49) Indian rupees return pickup charges will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

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In any case of dispute the decision taken by the company THE SWEET KID (which owns and manages the website would be final and the mentioned company would not be liable to give any kind of explanation for their decision. By using this website you show and/or imply that you understand and agree with the terms mentioned on this page and will not hold the company responsible for any dispute or problem regarding your use of this website.

The conditions mentioned above are applicable to all pages and parts of the website

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